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Short-term study

If you want to study an English program in Canada, explore Summer Camp, English for Business, or Health Care, Puzzle Canada will be by your side through every stage of your journey.


Study and work

Would you like to work in Canada, but do not have a Canadian employer sponsoring you? Don’t worry you can still come to Canada as a student and gain Canadian work experience.


Visa and Immigration

Are you looking to move to Canada as a permanent resident, or need help with your study or work permit? We are specialized in the subject and will help you achieve your immigration goals.


About us

Puzzle Canada has a dedicated team prepared to help our clients with all of their needs when it comes to Canadian immigration and education services.

Our Immigration Consultant, Danielle Sayed is regulated by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council).  In addition to this qualification,  she also has many years of experience as education consultant, specialized in immigration through studies in canada including Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

You can find testimonials from our clients in this website and our social media, pertaining to our mission to provide ethical service, ensuring legality in the process and above all, respecting each clients’ special needs. We are here to help you getting your permanent residence in Canada, with the best strategy for success.

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  • “Puzzle has helped me since the beginning of my journey to Canada. I already had the idea to immigrate, but I wasn’t sure which path was best suited for my situation. Puzzle helped me choose the right English course which prepared me for the Canadian academic lifestyle, helped me find a university that offered the postgraduate course I was looking for, and even helped me find the best province to take up residency at the moment, which was Nova Scotia. The entire process to help complete my registration into the English school and university of my choice was done by Puzzle Canada. They guided me on the proper documentation and important details required to get accepted by the university. They also helped change my study permit to a work permit. Recently, I reached out to Puzzle in the final immigration process to achieve permanent residence, they are always courteous and demonstrated professionalism when providing service.”

    Eduardo Bello
  • “I am loving Canada. Immigration was very complicated, very tiring and difficult due to the lack of consulting. But the country is wonderful, people do not judge you if your English is not perfect, for example. We have a country that embraces us, it is safe and not even cold weather scares us. Speaking about security, this feeling is priceless. We don’t want to go back to live in Brazil, and Puzzle Canada is helping us achieve this goal.”

    Carla Klaes
  • “I would recommend Puzzle because of the assistance and education I received from their team during my process. As much as we speak the language, we don’t understand the country’s laws, and we need the right guidance to give us confidence and peace of mind.”

    Lúcia Helena Silveira Ávila Terra

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